About 80% of graffiti is "Tagging" which is also the quickest and possibly the most destructive form of graffiti because the act takes only seconds, and the "Tagger" is rarely caught so they "Tag" multiple targets in a short period of time causing hundreds of dollars in damage.

If your property is located inside the city of Asheville, and you have NEVER used the city of Asheville's graffiti program you may still qualify for assistance from the city for graffiti clean up to $500.00 per property owner.

Locally owned and operated in Asheville, NC we are licensed and insured, environmentally friendly
graffiti removal specialists.

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Studies show that if you remove graffiti within 24-48 hours of the incident, the vandal will be less likely to return.

Graffiti defaces property, and damages our community's reputation.

Graffiti adversely affects property values, and contributes to a decrease in tourism.

The presence of graffiti can result in more graffiti, and other types of vandalism.

Graffiti creates the perception of a blighted, and unsafe neighborhood.

Graffiti facts