Membership options
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we offer customized graffiti removal membership options to suit anyone's needs.

General services
Many household services are available, please contact us if you have any questions, and if we can't help you, we will do our best to refer you to one of our reputable befriended companies that can.

Painting services
*Residential painting*
*Commercial painting*
*Drywall installation/repair/finishing*
*Lead paint encapsulation*
*Texture application*
*Mural painting*
*Pressure washing*
*Deck staining*

Graffiti removal
We do our best to restore your surface to its original pre-vandalized state using the appropriate method, if required we use environmentally friendly chemicals, and if it is necessary to paint, we offer expert color matching.

Restoration services
We can remove mineral, rust, and mildew staining from most surfaces, we offer deck, and outdoor furniture restoration (including staining/seal).

How can we help you?

Anti graffiti coating
We also offer preventative treatment, a wax based coating that is safe for any surface that provides a safe layer between your surface and graffiti, it is great to protect heavily targeted areas, murals, historical structures, E.T.C, once applied it helps to minimize the cost of removing graffiti, it is easily removed if you choose to repaint surfaces, and is UV, and weather guaranteed for 8 years so no need to constantly re apply every year.

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